The purpose of the organization is to preserve the historic, unique character of the vehicle restricted area of Victoria Beach in keeping with the intentions of the founders of the beach.


We all know and learn to accept that things change. That change, in fact, is a good thing.

But once in awhile you come across something that you know is already “perfect”. Something that does not need to be changed or dragged into the 21st century to be improved.

That it is unique.

More importantly, that it needs to be protected.

The Victoria Beach Cottage Owners Association is a group of cottage owners and their families who believe that this is the case for our special piece of heaven in the vehicle restricted area at the end of highway 59.

The VBCOA was created in the 1970’s to actively and vigorously maintain and protect all of the unique aspects of our community in the vehicle restricted area. We are not a political organization but rather a voice for the community. A rational voice that can also be a liaison between various levels of government and our own municipal council when needed, to insure that our special needs are not disregarded or overlooked in the bigger picture of the RMVB.

We will diligently act:

  • To keep our roads peacefully narrow and winding.
  • To let “people-power” be the force behind travelling within its boundaries — particularly during the summer months.
  • To ensure that the Yacht Club Beach, Clubhouse Beach, Arthur Beach, Patricia Beach, Alexandra Beach, King Edward Beach and Connaught Beach are protected and maintained as sand beaches, so they can and will continue to be accessible to everyone at all times, in they same way they have throughout our existence and long into the future.
  • To help ensure our water — both drinking and swimming — is safe, clean and sustainable now and into the future.
  • To ensure that shorter summer term benefits — like a doctors office — are maintained for community access.
  • To ensure that our garbage and refuse and recyclables are dealt with in an efficient and safe manner for all.
  • To ensure that any new physical developments within RMVB owned land must fit in and compliment our present aesthetic.
  • To encourage the continued beautification of the village green and other common areas.
  • We will also do our best to inform and help communicate with each other. The vehicle restricted area of Victoria Beach consists of families from all over North America — not just Manitoba — who are in the area for various periods of time during the year. The VBCOA is a viable way to get the word out to each other quickly and efficiently when needed.
  • And to defend all the other many special things that make our place unique should they be put at risk.

Thankfully, our community is not always under siege or threats of major changes. There is a good understanding by most of who we are and why we want things to stay the way they are. Truth is, most often, the VBCOA has very little on its plate of any overwhelming serious nature.

And oh, how we love those times!

But now and then, serious issues affecting us do arise. So, we must be ready for our concerns to be heard when that happens. We need to be ready to be quickly assembled as a group. Most importantly, we need to be ready to act at a moments notice.

It is for those moments we exist. (See the OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS page.)

While we should enjoy the times where there is little to worry about, we should always support the ongoing existence of the VBCOA. To have the security in knowing that this association exists when needed. That when something important arises that we can all quickly gather people from our hundreds of cottage owners and access our resources to protect whatever aspect may be in jeopardy. That the association can make sure our collective voices are heard quickly. And most importantly, that we can inform each other and keep each other in the loop.

As one of the members mentioned at the recent AGM “It would be absurd to ever lose this association. It is a lot easier to bury something, than to dig something up and bring it back to life”.

Our website is for information specifically to do with the VBCOA and to let membership know what we are up to and how we are working for them.

The private FaceBook page is to encourage discourse among our members year round about matters that affect the vehicle restricted area.

And of course, we will continue with the emails throughout the year. Our members have been clear to let us know they enjoy getting them.